Friday, August 19, 2005


Garnet's Breathing Room is shutting down! But fear not! You can find me at my new home: My Honey and Me! Come and see!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Load 'em up! Move 'em out!

Yesterday, I helped my sister-in-law move out of her apartment. Today, I will be helping her move into her newly-purchased first condo. I can't lift heavy things because of my bad back so yesterday, I grabbed a bottle of cleanser and a sponge and did my favorite thing in the world: cleaned her kitchen!!! After packing up her dishes and glassware, I scrubbed the fridge and freezer, washed all shelves in the cabinets, and scoured the drip pans in the stove. I always do this. In every apartment I've lived in, every condo I've helped my mom move out of...I always end up leaving the kitchen and bathroom cleaner than it was on move-in day!

Today, I shall take on the task of unpacking her kitchen items. I love deciding where the most convenient place is for the dishes, glassware and silverware is. I've done this several times for my mom, dad and myself, of course. I've almost got it down to a science. Start with the silverware and work your way up to the dishes. Pots and pans and such are the last to go in, wherever there's room. You must take into consideration location of the dishwasher in order to assure ease of unloading practices. It's quite complicated. If I told you any more, I'd have to charge you for my knowledge!

Am I a great sister-in-law or what?!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Messing around, Breaking things

I've spent the better part of the past few days messing around on my new blog. I am trying to get as much transfered from here to there as possible before I let ya'll come visit me over there. Unfortunately, yesterday, while messing around with code I knew not anything about, I royally screwed the whole thing up. Now, when I go to my new blog site, I get this horribly ugly error that includes the words "Bad arguments," "Permission denied," and "WARNING: implode." The word implode causes me the most concern. I do not want my new blog to implode. I want to change it back to the way it was before, all simple and neat and tidy. But I've gone and messed it all up! And I can't seem to get it fixed! Of course, I found a really nice easy-to-understand-step-by-step FAQ AFTER I broke everything. *heavy sigh* Alas, that's what Honeys are for, right? I'm going to use my Loving Wife Charms on him and see if he'll try to fix it for me. Yikes!

And now on to something I know how to do without screwing up...PICTURES!!!

On Friday night, we went to our old family friends' (S & J) house for dinner and poker. These two have been so close to me and my dad for many years, I pretty much consider them family. Anyway, dad and his gf were there, and so was J's sister. J was going in for a craniotomy on Monday to remove an arterial aneurysm. So we were getting together for one last hurrah before the surgery and her long rehabilitation.

Here is dad and his GF and S examining a map:

This is a hat and a sign I made for it for J to wear after her surgery:

J, modelling the hat:

Word is that J made it through the surgery just fine and will be in ICU for probably the rest of the week. *whew*

Honey hung up our instruments in the "music room:"

And here are the four paint colors I was testing out in my room:

I sort of like the lavender in the middle but don't really care for either of the greens and the purple on the end is too dark. I'm going to take my quilt into the paint shop this week to try and better match the paint to it.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Today I am a Stripper

This morning I got up, dressed in something loose-fitting and slightly dirty, put on some rockin' music and started stripping. That's right. All alone in a bedroom, I began to strip...

THE WALLPAPER!!! DUHHH!!! I'll wait here while you walk back from the gutter.

Remember, a long time ago, I was talking about making my very own room? Well, since then, I've gotten a quilt set with the colors I want, rearranged some furniture in there and cleaned out and organized the closet. All that's left to do is strip the current wallpaper boarder and repaint the walls.

Easier said than done!

My MIL finally convinced me to just bite the bullet, stop watch all the home-redecoration shows and just go out there and get some paint samples of the shades I want on the walls. Such a committment! I don't know if I can handle it! But yesterday I took myself to the paint store down the street and picked out two shades of green and two shades of purple to try out. In order to get a really good look at how the paint will look on the walls, I need to remove the white chair-rails and ABC wallpaper around the room. I'm using some magical solution and hot water and a scraper. It's more fun that I thought it would be! Moving the big ass futon away from the next wall won't be so much fun but what the heck...that's what a chiropractor's for, right?!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Stupid Pet Tricks

That's it. I'm teaching my cat to talk. Or at the very least, to write.

(If you hate cats or are completely unaware of the issues surrounding feline urinary habits, then please, save yourself; read no further as this post does not concern you. For the rest of you sympathetic souls...bear with me.)

When we brought Merlyn home last summer to live with us, Dobby and the girls, we added more litter boxes throughout the house for his convenience. The girls have never had a problem finding and consistantly using the boxes. But this little shit is a different story. Honey didn't want to take him in from my dad because he's had bad experiences with kittens peeing all over everything. Dad swore to Pete that Merlyn would not do that. My dad is a liar. Or a very bad psychic.

What? This is cool. I'm cool. Everything's normal here.

We have SIX freaking boxes throughout the house: three in the basement, one in the living room, one in our bedroom and one here in my office. I have realized of late that he only uses the three in the basement; I haven't seen him crawl into or out of any of the others above ground since he was a wee kitten. Unfortunately, because we rarely live in the basement, it is those three boxes that are most often ignored and fill up the fastest. When this happens, Merlyn lets us know that he does not approve of such crapping conditions by simply peeing on any personal cloth on a horizontal surface: a clean dishtowel left on the dryer, my blanket draped over the recliner and half on the floor, my shorts left on the bathroom floor for a couple of days. He's over a year old and he's still doing this! No, he's not spraying: this is a horizontal marking, not a vertical one. And he's been fixed. He's not angry at us. He used to just pee on Honey's clothes or things on Honey's side of the room. Now he is non-discriminatory. He's not being beaten up by the girls any longer and he gets plenty of exercise throughout the house. He simply does this to tell us that he doesn't like the state of the litter boxes in the basement. If I taught him how to speak, he could just TELL me with words. At the very least, if he could write or scribble me a note, I'd get the message.

Really, when it comes down to it, I must be a terrible cat owner staff member. Honey and I often live under the assumption that six litter boxes should last a good couple of weeks before needing to be scooped. This is a false belief. If Merlyn had his way, I'm sure he'd have us down on all fours scooping their boxes every couple of hours. Sorry, Little Piss Pot, that ain't gonna happen around here.

So I dumped the litter in the boxes throughtout the house and vaccummed all that loose litter that cats love to track onto the carpet, the mat, wherever they happen to land when exiting their shitters. I've replaced with clean litter and have vowed to scoop at LEAST once a week. Promise. No, really, this time I mean it. For real. But if I forget, could you just leave me a note???

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Randomness, with pictures

I'm feeling random today. So bear with me as I blurt out all the junkI've been collecting in my head to blog about lately!

Friday night we had dinner and hung out with Maggie and family. We had soooo much fun! And can I just say that her little Julia is a beautiful and fun child! We are definitely going to get together with them more regularly!

We went to Home Depot yesterday and I ended up with the biggest frugal score of late! I wanted one of those lounge chairs for laying out in the sun on the porch. I found one at Home Depot. They had two big stacks of them. They're good quality, with the straps instead of the plastic ropes like the kind you'd get at Wally World. Between the two stacks a price and description was taped to the concrete floor. The price was listed at $5! I didn't think twice about it and had Honey heft it into the cart for me. When we went to check out the chair rang up at $40. I didn't have a cow but we just mentioned to the cashier that the price was listed at
$5. He called some guy in Gardening Center who I ran into when I went back to double check the price. He said, "Yep, looks like that's the price. I'd make the same mistake." Then he got
on his radio and told our cashier to ring it up at $5. He took the price tag off the floor and threw it in the trash. I WAS STOKED! Forty dollar chair for FIVE BUCKS!!! WOO HOO!!! I'm still flyin' high over that bargain! (And thankful that the dudes at the Depot weren't snots about it and didn't give me a hard time. That's just good business.)

We saw Constantine last night and L.O.V.E.D. IT! OMG I totally thought it was going to suck but that movie had me captivated from opening to ending credits! Unbelievable! I am so going to buy that movie ASAP!
Also saw Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, which was okay...pretty cute, entertaining. And we tried to watch Exorcist: The Beginning but I had to turn it off after 15 minutes: too much unnecessary blood and gore for me. Beyond lame.

And now for some pictures:

This here is the band Hit and Run Bluegrass at RockyGrass last Friday.

And here's the beautiful view we had from our chairs:

Here's Honey:

Our brand new tent that we had to put up in the back yard yesterday! (The rain fly wasn't on properly in this photo. Please disregard and, instead, feast your eyes upon the dog check out
the digs):

This is a cross-stitch I finished last winter:

Here's one I did in the spring:

This one I just finished last week (not pressed or framed yet):

And, finally, the girls are enjoying a lazy Sunday in the sunshine:

Friday, August 05, 2005

A Letter to Amazon

I have much love for you and you don't even know it. Actually, my ordering history in your records may indicate a bit of regular facination. But I am here to tell you today that I flat out love you!
Books galore! Shopping from the comforts of my own messy home is a real kick in the pants. And it's so easy to search through you. Don't even get me started on how wonderful your "Customers who purchased this also purchaed..." suggestions. Oh how you tempt me so. *swoon*
My wishlist keeps track of all sorts of things (books and non-books) that I think I want for future reference. If I don't always buy those non-book items from you, please don't be angry. There are just some things that I require and do not wish to pay the shipping charges on.
Today I bought three textbooks through your Amazon Marketplace network and simply adored the experience. I tried it last semester, too but had more trouble than I did this year. In ordering through your three different sellers of used-but-in-like-new-condition text books, I've saved $70 than if I had purchased them through my school's bookstore myself! Yes! Including shipping! UNBELIEVABLE!
In short, I want to thank you, for being the wonderful resource of our generation that you are. And never forget that I love you!


P.S. You can send Devoted Customer gift certs to the address stored in my account if you are so inclined. Thank you.